Service News

New BMW Diesel Models:

European Motorsport is fully equipped with the BMW factory tooling and fluids to fully service your Diesel BMW. BMW’s sold in the US are equipped with an SCR system (Selective Catalytic Reduction). We fill and top-off DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid – AdBlue) fluids on all oil services and major services. We are fully capable of handling and servicing the DEF Dosing System – from partial fills and full fills to purge fills and drains. We are capable of servicing both Generation I and Generation II systems. Don’t let that Mileage/No-Start warning scare you. Just bring your vehicle in for comprehensive service.

New BMW ActiveHybrids and Electric Models:

European Motorsport has the special training and equipment to service and maintain these newer generation vehicles. These 350 Volt DC systems require a whole new approach to vehicle servicing and maintenance.  BMW has designed these models to be extremely safe under normal circumstances, but if untrained or under-trained personnel attempt repairs they can be extremely dangerous and very lethal. A large portion of the training for these models is centered around safety measures that must be followed when servicing them. BMW has made the systems very safe to work on IF (big IF) the servicing technician follows all of the guidelines and requirements. Whether you drive a Generation 1.0, 1.5 or 2.0 (as on the F30H ActiveHybrid 3 and the F10H ActiveHybrid 5) system, we have the knowledge and equipment to properly and comprehensively handle it’s service needs.

Transmission Problems on 5, 7 and 8 Series BMW’s:

If you own a 1993 or later BMW with an M60/M62 engine (most 540’s, 740’s and 840’s) and you are experiencing shifting problems (especially when going into or out of reverse gear), gives us a call as soon as you start noticing anything unusual — we can save you approximately $3,500 to $4,800 on repairing this situation. Our “out the door” charges are about $1,200 compared to the $6,000 that dealers typically charge!

The BMW Included Maintenance Plans:

Most newer BMW’s have an included dealer maintenance plan that covers only the “indicated” services for the first 36,000 miles or 36 months of ownership (check your Service and Warranty Information booklet for more details). This includes an Oil Service at (approximately) 10,000 miles, an Inspection I Service at 20,000 miles and another Oil Service at 30,000 miles. You are on your own for any supplemental or more frequent maintenance servicing.

First Inspection II Service:

At approximately 40,000 miles your BMW will be due for it’s first Inspection II Service (“the Big One”) — instead of paying upwards of $600 for this (not-included) service at a dealer, consider saving yourself some money by bringing your car to us. Also consider the advantages of having your BMW maintained by a “state of the art” BMW-only independent shop. Our personable and comprehensive yet cost-effective servicing will help ensure that you can happily keep your BMW for many years to come…

BMW Craftsmen at Work:

Instead of replacing large, expensive BMW components (engines, transmissions, electronic control units) when they fail, we take it to task to learn what causes these often common pattern failures. Instead of replacing the entire unit, we often repair the internal problems and perform recommended internal updates. We want to keep BMW’s cost-effective for our customers, and we don’t believe that “BMW owners should be expected to pay “big bucks” to stay in the game. We want our customers to enjoy their BMW ownership experience, and to keep coming back for many years! Some good examples include: Reparing and updating 5HP30 transmissions (see above) for $1,200 versus the common charge of $6,000; Repairing injector driver circuits inside of 91 and later 325i’s and 525i’s Motronic (engine management) Control Units for $250 versus the common charge of $1,100 to $1,200. Almost all of our unit repairs are done “in-house” — here at European Motorsport.