Our range of services for BMW & Minis include:

Custom (deluxe) maintenance services that not only meet the BMW factory warranty requirements, but also include numerous additional services that will help to extend your BMW’s longevity and performance. We have compiled and configured these services from our experience over the years to resolve the weak areas in the standard BMW maintenance schedules. We furnish a completed checksheet showing precisely what we have performed during this service work.

Standard (lite menu) maintenance services that follow the BMW factory recommended service schedule and meet all warranty requirements (this type of service is similar to what a BMW dealer would normally perform). We furnish a completed checksheet for each of these services.

Repair Work (all types) including: Electrical/Electronic systems; Brakes; Manual transmissions; Automatic transmissions; Fuel injection; Engine management systems; Ignition systems; Suspension and Steering systems; Driveline/drivetrain; Tire installation and balancing; Engine repair and overhaul; Engine performance; Heating and Air Conditioning (R12 & R134a); Exhaust systems; Body hardware; Body trim and glass; Accessory installation (alarms, cellular phones, radar detectors, CD players and sound systems, etc.); Simple alignment checks (e.g. front toe-in checks and adjustments).

Performance Modifications such as: Performance reprogramming (MIPP); Power chip installation; Exhaust system upgrades; Engine upgrades; Suspension kits and upgrades; Custom wheels and tires; Induction system upgrades; Brake system upgrades; Custom engine and drivetrain conversions and transplants. As a Dinan Exclusive Authorized Dealer, we can offer your BMW the full line of impeccably engineered Dinan performance products and accessories. We are limited to performing modifications that meet California C.A.R.B. and U.S. EPA requirements for “street-use” vehicles. “Track-use only” vehicles are a different story…

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